Virtual Reality Museum for Peace (VR Peace Museum)

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Ansprechpartner: Paul-Felix Montez


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Über uns

The VR Peace Museum is a virtual reality extension of the Augmented App and World´s largest global peace monument in human history:The Peace Walkway. VR Peace Museum acts as a web portal home for all peace Virtual and Augmented reality creators to amplify their messages, VR films even games in a diverse multi-exhibition style all digital internet VR peace museum. A Virtual Universe from history´s greatest Peacemakers lives, re-enacted moments throughout their lives in VR. Also a contemporary journalistic storytelling exploring peacemaking perspectives, and present day events. All exploring the courage and commitment to humanity, empathy, and compassion that define all peacemaking greatness, now and forever.

Our approach:
• The VR Peace Museum is made up of five distinct, yet interlocking elements in the overall project and the approach we have decided upon because VR technologies are in their infancy as well as story telling methods and approach is to create short VR segments.
• The first globally endorse and peace award winning part of the project is the peace walkway project, actual real-time installations in 100 or more locations of bronze plaque memorial monuments. Simple walkways defining a clear use, purpose, community direction and value.
• The second part is the Augmented "Pokemon Go" smartphone app which reads each plaque in any and all languages and displays a visual image of the peacemaker mentioned upon that plaque. Click on that augment image and a timeline history of that individual life appears.
• The Third, along the timeline, a VR symbol will be seen, click on the VR symbol and a VR segment becomes available to explore a moment in that peacemaker life.
• Our fourth aspect is that we can locate any of the peace walkway monuments in the world anywhere using GPS, thus "Conflict zones" can have inserted virtually in augmented reality one that can only be seen on a smartphone but none the less reaches millions.
• The fifth and final part of the VR Peace museum is as mentioned above a digital, virtual peace museum for a vast range of creative, efforts and messages, even games.

The Peace Walkway is the physical global monument project connected to a AR app, which then takes users to VR short filed works. The Peace Walkway project is a simple vision of locating one, mile-long peace art monument in 100 different locations (cities, towns, and parks, etc.) around the world. Each peace walkway Monument is one mile long made up of 250 different bronze plaques commemorating significant world heroic peacemakers - men and women whose courage and commitment to our greater humanity have changed our lives forever. From Anti-slavery, anti-Human trafficking, Nonviolent resistance, women´s rights, peace marches and movements throughout the ages, pacifism, trials of those who sought to stop the madness of hate and war, and much more. The free global walkway app will use augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) offering full bios for each peacemaker and the ability for anyone at one walkway location to connect and chat to another person at any of the installed monuments in the world. Thus everyone using the app gets to converse with anyone from anyone in the world.
IMAGINE - Another Feature that the VR Peace Museum App´s Augment Reality offers, is that we can place anywhere in the world a Peace Walkway in Virtual space just picking a mile long area, getting it´s GPS coordinates into the app, and anyone, anywhere can find and explore it. This allows us to place them in conflict zones, tyrannical dictatorships and places of oppression worldwide. Thus hardship, suffering and the message if a "walk of peace" and building peace is taken to all through our use of 21st-century digital technologies.

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