Hope for Mothers and Children Agency (HOMACA)

P.O. Box 00, Ndekye Trading Centre, Rubirizi Town Council

Ansprechpartner: Sam Barigye



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Über uns

Hope for Mothers and Children Agency (HOMACA) is a non-for-profit Community Based Organization (CBO) registered in 2012 to operate in Rubirizi District South Western Uganda.
The organization has three areas of work namely: Women and children rights; Economic empowerment and livelihood improvement; Environment and Natural Resource conservation.

The vision of the organization is to have an empowered community that actively participates in sustainable development activities.

The mission of the organization is to improve people´s livelihood through sustainable utilization of natural and human resources.

• To improve on the livelihood of rural communities through agriculture, natural resource conservation and other self help projects.
• To increase accessibility of social services such as health, education through advocacy and sensitization
• To improve the sexual and reproductive health of women and men through self management programs on positive living and peer health education.
• To promote the fundamental rights of women and children.
• To conserve, promote environmental protection, and equitable access to natural resources, and encourage the active involvement and interest of local communities in campaigns to reduce Uganda´s impact on climate change.
• To develop the capacity of communities to achieve economic independence and grow into small-scale industrialists through building up savings, credit unions and co-operative societies for sustainable development.

• Managing human and wild life conflict in communities´ adjacent Queen Elizabeth National Park.
• Promoting eco-friendly energy saving technologies in communities around Kasyoha Kitomi central Forest Reserve’
• We supported girl child enrolment and retention in primary schools in Rubirizi district. The project improved sanitary facilities, practices for menstrual hygiene and management among the girls, body changes and supported them with materials and skills of making re-usable local pads.
• Project to improve nutrition of children in poor and vulnerable families.
• We facilitated the formation and strengthening of women and youth Caregivers´ Savings groups.
• We provided materials and labor for the construction of a shelter for cook stoves to Buzenga Women Group.
• Established one community based demonstration farm for fruits, apiary, and nursery bed.
• HOMACA has created a home and community environment conducive to the emotional, social and cognitive development of children. We established a sports and recreation program
• Living Conditions. Education of households in construction trash pits, drying racks, and keeping animals outdoors.
• Tree planting
• Water catchment installation at Kicwamba High School

Sam Barigye is the Coordinator/Head of Secretariat of the Hope for Mothers and Children Agency (HOMACA).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.