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Über uns

The Spirit Foundation is a non-profit organization concerned with the protection and promotion of creative and cultural diversity amongst shamanic tribal communities worldwide.

Part of the foundations work is the International Shamanic Network which aims at promoting the ancient creative archetypes of man and their binding ecological relationship to the world. The International Shamanic Network is based on sharing mythic traditions between tribal communities worldwide. This is to build cultural self esteem amongst societies who share the same principles. The network also acts as a united front against missionary activities and tourism. This is in response to the looming environmental crisis.

Our emphasis is on education for action.

Mr. Lane works in two areas. Firstly through media we promote the 'creative archetypes' which are the psychological link between man - creation - world and are found within Shamanic, Goddess and Buddhist societies

The Tribal Program
In partnership with the oldest Tribal organization in Asia we work to help tribal communities resist development, build networks, fight for human rights and resist conversation to the christian faith.
• Female Shaman Support Group: Supporting the sometimes neglected female shamans of tribes to have get together's, share stories and knowledge, build confidence and record their culture.
• Film Program: The film program is an educational resource promoting and exploring shamanic, goddess and buddhist knowledge. Its purpose is to endorse non duality and coherence to our world by exploring myth and the archetypal relationships of mankind. Reawakening man's relationship to his environment goes beyond 'sustainability', it is part of the psyche and to understand it is of paramount importance. Promoting and exploring universal mythic archetypes through documentary and film. Education vcd's in multiple tribal languages

Mr. Lane is the Director of The Spirit Foundation.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.