JBay Recycling Project

Sunshine Service Centre, Sara Baartman Avenue, Pellsrus; PO Box 153
6330 Jeffreys Bay

Ansprechpartner: Tanja Lategan

+27 (0)84 684 6771


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Über uns

The JBay Recycling Project was started after a presentation by Marilyn van der Velde, from Hermanus at the Jeffreys Bay Rotary club. Three ladies who attended the presentation were so taken with the idea that they convened a meeting in October 2010 to investigate the possibility to start a similar project in Jeffreys Bay.
In February 2011 the first Recycling day was held with the help of Rotary, and now in 2014 we are officially a Non-Profit Organization going from strength to strength.

Education, awareness, connection and responsibility.

The project is run by volunteers from the community. Volunteers give up their time and energy to assist the project in various ways, from buying stock, setting up shop, making clothes and blankets, admin and media liason work and assisting Mondays, Recycling days.

The JBay Recycling Project is a community based project where:
• Children are encouraged to collect, sort and deliver “recyclable junk” to a central point and exchange it for tokens.
• They can then use the tokens to "shop" in an associated shop for toiletries, food, clothing, school supplies and books.
• The materials collected are sold to a local recycler. Money earned this way, pays for about 30 percent of stock in the shop.
• Local businesses and individuals are invited to contribute by way of donations for the shop stock.

The benefits from this project are numerous; it cleans up our environment, empowers the kids to get what they need by using what is available, teaches the children to look at rubbish in a different way, the value of recycling, shopping and counting skills and deliver much needed support in a value for value concept rather than old fashioned hand-outs.

Tanja Lategan is the Coordinator of the JBay Recycling Project.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.