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Über uns

Modern Buddha Way brings the classical and life-changing teachings of the Buddha, and other teachers, into contemporary society, in a contemporary style, in ordinary English for 'ordinary' people. It currently has meditation classes and sessions in Guildford and East Molesey (U.K.) on a regular basis. All events and activities are free. Within reach of parts of Hampshire, Surrey, Middlesex, Berkshire, Sussex and south London.

Modern Buddha Way (MBW) is a network of meditators that has been meeting regularly at the University of Surrey in Guildford since 2002.

It is independent and not affiliated to any Eastern tradition. It is grown from core elements of the Buddha's original teachings. These teachings are brought into a contemporary social context, in the English language, for ordinary people. It is a practice, not a belief system. It is flexible and questioning, and not afraid to let go of metaphysical beliefs such as rebirth. It is not a group (since it has no boundary, inside/outside), and has no membership. It has no priests, no guru and no master (except you). Its basic idea is that you already have what you need to enlighten yourself - you just forgot where you put it. There are no fees or charges for attending events, however donations are welcome. Participants come and go as they please, and are not expected to take any vows. Some MBW participants may belong to specific Buddhist groups, traditions and lines, some to other religions, and some may have no commitment, belief or affiliation. Participants take responsibility for their own lives, in their own way, in their own time. MBW's approach is to look to no one for salvation. Meditation is focussed in MBW sessions, but is meaningless if not taken into the ordinary life of each participant. Sessions are led by a number of facilitators (who have had several years of meditation experience), and any participant may learn to facilitate at an appropriate time. Facilitators also continue to learn each day, and are happy to share what they have learned on The Path with anyone - on or off the university campus - beginner or adept. They do not have all the answers, but those that they do have they make available through a simple shared practice. Anyone of any religion (or none), culture, gender, race, age, size, ability, educational qualification or none, employment or non-employment, or any persuasion may attend network events. It provides an easy-to-understand and practical Beginners' Class and subsequent Guided Sessions. It is democratic and participatory - we listen as a community to your questions and concerns. MBW as such has no special connection with a monastic way of life, and the choice of such a life (or any other lifestyle) is, of course, determined by the participant. Feel free to come along, and feel free to 'leave'. A combination of regular practice at home and continuing orientation and support from the weekly MBW sessions works best.

The Founder of MBW is Geoff Hunt. He is Professor of Ethics at the University of Surrey, the University's Buddhist Chaplain and has had some experience in all major Buddhist traditions, including Rinzai zen, Tibetan and Theravada. He is also a volunteer meditation instructor in a local prison. He considers himself non-denominational, working only with the Buddha's main practice-based message as may be found in the ancient Sutta Nikayas and brought into a modern everyday context.

For other net participants expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, deliver a lecture, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of peace spirituality.