Global Aid Hand (GAH)

Aljeif West , Block # 1 A, Building #167 Alreigaia, East of Alreiad Police Station
1111 Riyadh, Khartoum

Ansprechpartner: Ismael Hagana

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  • Sozialpolitik/behinderte Menschen

Über uns

Global Aid Hand (GAH) is a nonprofit organization, founded and pioneered in 2012 by Ismael Hagana, a committed and experienced philanthropist with the assistance of highly qualified field cadres who have chosen to pursue a shared interest in humanitarianism. The objective of the organization is to bring radical transformation into the life of the most vulnerable and to contribute to the positive impact to humanity at large. In order to achieve these goals, the founders are fully committed to provide high quality, broad and transparent public services in the sector of shelter and protection, health, water and sanitation, education, food security and livelihood.

Our vision
We are committed to enrich the lives of the most vulnerable women and children by realizing their hopes and expectations and giving them a better life.

Our mission
Global Aid Hand is a woman and child focused, result oriented organization and makes remarkable differences to strengthen and impact the lives of the most vulnerable. We contribute to a better life through the provision of shelter and protection, safe water, improved sanitation, primary healthcare, quality education, nutrition and livelihood opportunities.

Our Aim is to reduce cross-cutting challenges throughout the humanitarian sectors such as:
• Gender-based violence (GBV) especially against female children.
• HIV/AIDS related community challenges and stigmas.
• Discrimination of women, female children and youth
• Mine related accidents and death (awareness, information sharing etc.) We are committed to improve and increase;
• Peace-building and conflict mitigation in all our activities throughout the conflicted geographical areas in Sudan aiming to bring peace and reconciliation between conflicted tribes and ethnic groups,
• Community reintegration and capacity building to be able to function as a self supporting community with reachable potentials and goals.

What we do
• Health and Nutrition: Increasing maternal care is among our top priorities. We work with women in remote communities to empower them with resources and information (through improved health and nutrition) to safeguard pregnancies, to ensure access to safe birth as a basic human right. We train community health workers, equip local clinics, carry out education campaigns, respond to disease outbreaks and advocate for improving the legal framework of rural health services. We are also committed throughout our programs to integrate HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria related information sharing, awareness into our activities to reduce the number of ill health cases and improve the general health conditions.
• Community Development through Human Rights and the Rights of the Child The main activities in this sector: Child Protection Programs; Gender based Development and Empowerment; Access to Justices Programs.
• Education: Our education programs primarily aim to promote education amongst the underprivileged children, youth and adults. We work to cater for the moral, spiritual and physical needs of these children and adults, particularly women, through appropriate education and training programs. We promote "Education for All approach" in the vulnerable communities with a significant attention on the education of girls. Vocational trainings, lifelong learning, education approaches and skills are built into our projects (in literacy, numeracy, communication and ICT).
• Food Security and Livelihoods - FSL Program: The intervention areas are: Sustainable food security and livelihood management, subsistence farming and natural resource management; Vocational training for the youth to increase employment opportunities; Micro-credit opportunities for vulnerable women.
• Water and Sanitation (WASH): Access to clean water is a basic human right. Global Aid Hand helps communities to build and maintain clean water resources and systems for human and their domestic animal consumptions. The goal of our WASH activities is to reduce the health risks connected to water bone diseases and to improve the life quality of the families by reducing time and distance in fetching water. Projects highlight the importance of appropriate sanitation practices that contribute to the health and life quality of the entire family. Approaches include educating people about good hygiene and sanitation practices to reduce the risk of ill health.

Ismael Hagana is the Founder & Chief Executive Director of Global Aid Hand (GAH).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.