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Protecting Earth´s Climate for Future Generations

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Über uns

Our Children´s Trust is an Oregon nonprofit. Its purpose is to protect earth´s natural systems for current and future generations. We are here to empower and support youth as they stand up for their lawful inheritance: a healthy planet. We are mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers. We are adults, part of the ruling generation, and we care about the future of our children--and their children´s children.

The mission of Our Children´s Trust is to protect earth´s atmosphere and natural systems for present and future generations by amplifying the voice of the youngest generation through film and legal action.

By supporting youth plaintiffs in strategic atmospheric trust litigation, Our Children´s Trust empowers youth to lead a game-changing effort to hold the ruling generation accountable and to compel governments in the United States and abroad to adopt and implement enforceable science-based Climate Recovery Plans.

• TRUST Campaign: The ultimate goal of the TRUST Campaign is to compel governments to implement climate recovery plans (CRPs) based on science, not politics. CRPs implemented by developed countries would also taken into account differentiated responsibilities for reducing carbon emissions. Mandatory CRPs should include actions that result in reducing greenhouse gas emissions annually to return to 350 ppm by 2100, according to the best available science, and in massive reforestation and protection of soils to aid in carbon sequestration
• TRUST Films
• Legal Action: Atmospheric Trust Litigation and Petitions to enforce the Public Trust Duty of Government to Protect the Resources of Present and Future Generations. The ATMOSPHERIC TRUST Legal Effort, coordinated and supported by Our Children´s Trust, is grounded in the Public Trust Doctrine, which states that it is the duty of the government to protect the resources that are essential for our collective survival and prosperity. These resources-rivers, groundwater, the seashore and in this case, the atmosphere- cannot be privatized or substantially impaired because they belong to everyone equally, even to those not yet born.
• TRUST Contest: Calling for Climate Recovery: The TRUST Letter-Writing Contest to President Obama

Meg Ward is the Communications & Outreach Coordinator of Our Children´s Trust.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.