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7200 Hermanus, Western Cape

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Über uns

The Overstrand Conversation Foundation (OCF), founded in 2002, is an independent NGO registered as a Non-profit Organisation (NPO) and a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) providing environmental education and advocating application of sustainable practices to protect biodiversity.

The OCF was founded to unify, coordinate and promote environmental conservation in the Overstrand region so that the community will own and live by a common conservation vision, ethos and management plan; this summarises the Foundation's mission and vision statements.

Since its founding, the OCF has adopted the view that the sustainability principle provides the unifying basis for the achievement of environmental conservation and that achievement of one-planet / sustainable lifestyles is the common vision and ethos to which the Overstrand region must aspire. This has led to the adoption of four guiding principles that underpin the OCF's philosophy.

Strategically, the OCF has 4 focus areas, each with its own strategic objective, that it uses as the vehicles for transformation towards achieving one-planet / sustainable lifestyles in the region:

• Eco-Information: Inform members, decision-makers, educators, the wider community and tourists about environmental conservation and one-planet / sustainable lifestyles by acquiring, developing, displaying and distributing relevant information.
• Eco-Learning: Inspire environmental learning and an understanding of one-planet / sustainable lifestyles by coordinating programmes designed to develop environmental education capacity within the region.
• Eco-Management: Advocate and support policies, strategies and management practices that are aligned with the sustainability principle and result in transformation towards one-planet / sustainable lifestyles.
• Eco-Employment: Plan and coordinate the training of people and their placement in suitable eco-programmes, projects and operations arising out of project implementation.

The platform from which the OCF plans to operate in these focus areas is an Eco-Resource Network comprising of an Eco-Resource Centre, run by OCF staff and volunteers, in a mutual support relationship with satellite Eco-Centres operated by member organisations in local community areas throughout the region.

• Design for Sustainable Living Expo
• Eco-Schools programme
• Eco-watch programme, which is exerting increasing influence on the nature of development in the Overstrand
• Alien vegetation and employment programme, which has resulted in significant areas of alien infested land being restored and provided many rural unemployed people with work.

Megan Campbell is the PA to the manager of OCF Rob Fryer.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.