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Über uns

The Amazon Conservation Association (ACA) is a nonprofit organization working to conserve the biological diversity of the Amazon basin. Founded in 1999, ACA has brought together an experienced staff of tropical ecologists and conservationists to protect the southwestern Amazon in Peru and Bolivia. ACA´s programs are implemented by staff based in Washington and La Paz and through our Peruvian sister organization, Asociación para la Conservación de la Cuenca Amazónica (ACCA), in addition to other local organizations and community groups.

ACA´s projects are designed to achieve measurable gains in the following areas:
• Conserving forest
• Training a new generation of conservationists
• Monitoring ecosystem health
• Expanding scientific understanding
• Creating sustainable livelihood opportunities for local people

Effective conservation depends on a well-defined and holistic approach. ACA focuses on scientific research, the direct protection of critical habitats, and the sustainable use of natural resources. Our programs include:
• Brazil Nut Program: This program supports over 500 Brazil nut harvesters to ensure a sustainable livelihood while protecting their forest resource through technical support, training, and certification.
• Los Amigos Conservation Concession: The world´s first private conservation concession covers 360,000 acres of old growth Amazonian forest. Here, the organization focuses on forest protection, research, conservation education, and natural resource management training.
• The Los Amigos Biological Station – CICRA: CICRA has been the most active research station in the Amazon Basin, hosting an average of 27 researchers and assistants per day.
• Wayqecha Cloud Forest Biological Station: ACA provides scholarships to an average of 20 university students from Peru and around the world per year to study local biota, ecosystem interactions, and the impacts of climate change on the forest. In addition, the Research Station serves as a hub for environmental education field trips for local schoolchildren and teacher training workshops.
• Haramba Queros Wachiperi Conservation Concession: The first conservation concession in Peru run by an indigenous community. Through support from ACA, the Haramba Queros are now successfully ensuring protection of their water supply and continued access to medicinal plants in addition to preserving space for their cultural traditions to flourish for generations to come.
• Villa Carmen Campus for Conservation Economies and Biological Station: ACA is now in the process of transforming this property into a Center of Excellence in tropical conservation and sustainable agriculture, while promoting a conservation economy, linking poverty alleviation to biodiversity conservation.
• Conserving the Pampas del Heath, Bolivia: ACA monitors flora and fauna, studies fire ecology and traditional indigenous management, and works to ensure the long-term survival of savannas in and around Madidi National Park along with the indigenous Takana II communities living there.

Danielle King is the DC based Program Assistant of the Amazon Conservation Association (ACA).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.