Karuna Society

2/138C, Behind S.C.Quarters, Enumulapalli
515 134 (A.P) Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh

Ansprechpartner: Clementien A Pauws-Koenegras

+91 (0)8555.200174; +91 (0) 8555 289737


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Über uns

Karuna Society for Animals and Nature has been established in Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh, South India since 2000. It is a registered non-profit organization working for animal welfare and the environment by providing free medical care and shelter for sick, injured, abandoned and abused animals, while sustaining all food production with organic farming and alternative fuels. "Karuna", in sanskrit, means compassion, which is the motivating force behind all our activities.

It is our mission:
• to relieve the suffering of animals and nature in our immediate environment
• to counteract the abuse and destruction of life and earth
• to restore the Oneness of all Life in the Universe
• to grow in awareness of the above in ourselves and to act upon it

Our aims and objectives:
• To provide free medical care and shelter to relieve the suffering of animals.
• To restore the rights of animals and nature as equal inhabitants of this planet and treat them as such.
• The promotion of a vegetarian lifestyle and ecological growing of crops and plants etc., and the ecological treatment of Nature in general.
• To help implement Indian law regarding cruelty and abuse of animals and nature, e.g illegal transport and slaughter of cattle, animal sacrifice, poaching and the destruction of forests.
• To encourage farming and industrial activity which is eco and animal friendly.
• To discourage production of animals for milk, meat and leather and to actively dedicate ourselves towards making a positive change.
• Informing others about the health aspects of holistic animal welfare.
• Campaigning against the use of animals in sports, zoos, hunting, animal experimentation, genetic engineering, vivisection and other practices where animals are subjected to enormous suffering.

• Hospital and Shelter for Small Animals
• Animal Birth Control/Anti Rabies: The motivation to control the dog population through sterilization is primarily a human welfare project to protect people from dog bites and rabies.
• Hospital for Large Animals
• Karuna´s Cattle Rescue Project: Our long-term objective is to put an end to all slaughter of cattle and to improve the conditions of local farmers through sustainable agriculture/organic farming and the use of all cow by- products (not milk).
• Organic Farming & Love For Indian Cattle
• Organic Shop/Information Centre
• Humane Education: Karuna Society advocates humane education in schools to encourage the compassionate treatment of animals in order to prevent their suffering and neglect as well as to help children grow into responsible, kind and caring citizens of the world.
• Wildlife Rescue Centre: It is the only facility within hundreds of kilometers where wild animals can receive the much needed medical treatment and shelter.

Clementien A Pauws-Koenegras is the President of Karuna Society.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.