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121 Waterworks Way, Suite 100
CA 92618 Irvine
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Über uns

The mission of Elemental Awareness is to educate and inspire young people to develop self-esteem, social and environmental awareness and the tools to lead successful lives.
Elemental Awareness is founded 2003 upon the belief that a person can positively impact their world through an active involvement in their passions. By using our programs as the vehicle, we aim to encourage confidence and instill the realization that it is possible to be successful in life by doing what you love.

Elemental Awareness programs:
• Skateboard events: Skate Contest Series; Community Skate Tours; Equipped to Skate program; Paint a Deck Program. The events are held to promote skateboarding as a positive activity and stimulate community support for youth in these areas.
• Wilderness Workshops: These workshops are for schools looking to add a more hands on approach to their curriculum enabling their students to experience nature in its raw form. The program consists of aspects of anthropology, natural history and survival skills that aim to be unique and inspiring, leaving the participants eager to take their skills to the next level. Participants learn the basics of living harmoniously with the earth without modern conveniences such as knives, matches or tents. This builds confidence and critical thinking skills while challenging the student at the same time.
• Career Day Tours and Seminars: Elemental Awareness seeks to inspire youth to follow interests or ideas they are truly passionate about. By giving school groups an invitation to observe what goes on behind the scenes at Elements´ Global Headquarters, they will have the opportunity to view first hand the career opportunities available within a brand that most of them are familiar with.
• Scholarships to Camp (Skate Camp Program / Scholarship Program): Element YMCA Skate Camp provides youth access to a skateboarder´s paradise set in the fresh mountain air of the Sequoias. This facility takes all aspects of traditional camp and throws in the ingredient of skateboarding. Elemental Awareness´s unique wilderness survival curriculum teaches youth to feel confident about how they relate to their natural surroundings. Elemental Awareness also provides the funding for scholarships through its donation program to give eligible kids the opportunity to live this experience. We feel that the process of leaving the nest and exploring the unknown promotes independence and inspires enthusiasm in a child.

Todd Larson is the Director of Elemental Awareness.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.