Tanzania Peace Initiative Foundation (TPIF)

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Über uns

Tanzania Peace Initiative Foundation (T.P.I.F) is a Non-Governmental Organization legally established and registered in 2012.

Mission: To contribute in to building a peaceful society for social and economic development

Vision: A peaceful Tanzania society that strive for social and economic development

Specific Objectives:
• To educate and raise awareness to community and general public on the importance of peace and development.
• To facilitate peace building process through the promotion of human right and democracy.
• To facilitate conflict resolution and management in the community, national and international level.

• To organize and conduct seminars, workshops, and any other gathering for the purpose of giving knowledge and awareness on the importance of peace and development in deferent phenomenon within a society.
• To be a means of encouraging and facilitating humanitarian assistance in the circumstance of natural and man-made disaster as a means to bridge gaps between different institutions.
• To alert and co-operate with the relevant government and non-government agencies, to establish and operate a conflict resolution service to assist in the resolution of disputes in the community, including, workplaces, neighborhood, interpersonal matters and intergroup disputes.
• Running projects that shall contribute toward the improvement of economic affair and standard of living of Tanzania citizen especially who live in rural area.
• Manage, run and develop peace location centers, libraries, reading rooms, and internet centers, recreation centers in the, regions, cities, towns, districts and villages within and outside of United Republic of Tanzania.
• To use a media as a major methodology of giving and providing advice and opinion on conflict resolution/management and peace building to Governments, non-governmental organizations, international organizations and the community with and outside the United Republic of Tanzania in general.
• To foster the values and techniques of positive communication and conflict avoidance and resolution. To offer the community opportunities to learn positive communication, problem solving, assertiveness and conflict resolution skills through training programs and public education.
• Establishing consultation offices in matter of company disputes, community disputes, family disputes, religious crisis and international disputes within and outside of the United Republic of Tanzania.

• Radio and TV Program on peace
• Observer in kiembesamaki by-election
• Orientation of Human Right
• Awareness on Good Governancy and Human Right
• Awareness to child abuse
• Community peace club network

Imamu M. Vuai is the Executive Secretary of the Tanzania Peace Initiative Foundation (T.P.I.F).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.