International Youth Education Program (IYEP)

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Legon, Accra

Ansprechpartner: Kwame Agyapong

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Über uns

IYEP is a Ghanaian non-profit organization working to promote peace and understanding among mankind through cross cultural programs. IYEP was founded in 1995 mainly, to open the world up for young people in Africa especially sub-Sahara Africa. It moves forward by using cross-cultural programming as vehicle, to promote national identity building on self esteem for young people. Its programs are:

- individual homestay program,
- community service group programs,
- volunteer work placement service,
- high school exchange,
- ecological and safari camping program.

The homestay program is an act of friendship, goodwill and understanding. It can also be supplemented with activities such as tours relating to a particular interest or simply having fun with sight seeing. This program seeks to inform, educate and entertain participants. The program begins with a five days orientation, where the history, geography and kinship system of Ghana is digested. This introduction includes survival language lessons, recreational programs such as music and dance and folk tales. This is followed by living with a Ghanian host-family for two-weeks. Participants immerse themselves in the Ghanaian culture by living as a member of the family. This is followed by living in a selected project site in a rural community, to construct projects such as school, clinics, community center or children playground. The program continues with travel and site seeing in Ghana, places, include a fifteenth century slave castles, dotted along the Atlantic coast of Ghana.

Volunteering, enriches both the host community and the volunteer in the art of sharing and learning from each other. The program is structured to inform and educate participants about life in Ghana, while utilizing volunteer´s skills and abilities to contribute to the needs of host communities.

The opportunity for students, to observe African business practices while contributing and sharing with new colleagues, is given. Students acquire in-depth knowledge of how business is conducted in Africa.

Baffour Kwame Agyapong is the executive director of the Academy of Screen Arts (ASA) and the founder of International Youth Education Program (IYEP).

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Further we can give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.