The Rix Centre

Innovation for Learning Disability

University of East London, Docklands Campus, 4-6 University Way
E16 2RD London
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Über uns

The Rix Centre is a charitable research & development organisation dedicated to the exploration of new media for the benefit of the learning disability community. Multimedia can help people with learning disabilities to organise their thoughts, remember, learn and communicate more effectively. This can significantly improve their ability to live independent lives, contribute to the community and fulfill their personal aims and ambitions.

The Rix Centre grew out of research at the University of East London and was established as a research centre at the University in 2001. The Centre is part of the School of Arts & Digital Industries. The Rix Centre became a Charitable Organisation in 2004.

Our work crosses the fields of Social Care, Health and Education. We combine research and development with teaching and learning. We provide a variety of products & services developed with a network of partners, customers and sponsors.

The Rix Centre delivers a rolling programme of research & development projects as well as providing teaching & learning in Multimedia Advocacy and implementing wider Multimedia Advocacy based initiatives across the fields of health, social care and education.

Multimedia Advocacy is an inclusive, person centred approach developed by the Rix Centre that uses digital photography, video, audio and computers to help people with learning disabilities communicate more effectively. Using these tools they are able to articulate and express their preferences, choices, likes and dislikes, have more of a say in how they are supported and so participate more actively in their communities.

We offer a wide range of multimedia advocacy courses that you can study as part of a qualification or on a standalone basis, for professional development.
• Introduction to Multimedia Advocacy: A one day course that encompasses person centred planning and practice, the values and principles of multimedia advocacy. During the day you will explore various person centred planning tools and approaches with an opportunity for hands on experience.
• Short Courses: Short courses – you can choose from our range of four day short courses that address person centred planning, health action planning, support planning, advocacy, building personal websites and multimedia CVs. For the first two sessions you will attend on your own and will gain the skills required to support your client with a learning disability to create their multimedia person centred work. For the final two sessions you will be working with a partner who has a learning disability and together you will develop a multimedia advocacy product.
• Introduction to Multimedia Advocacy Theory and Practice: This is a 12 day program of study during which six of the twelve sessions will be inclusive. During inclusive sessions you will attend with your partner student who will have a learning disability. You will work together on developing a multimedia advocacy person centre portfolio.

The Rix Centre team:
Andy Minnion MBE, Director
Gosia Kwiatkowska, Manager
Charlie Saward, Project and Communications Co-ordinator
Ajay Choksi, Technical and Office Assistant

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.