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Über uns was established in 2001. The website is developed and maintained by an officially registered foundation based in the Netherlands, Stichting Networklearning. The voluntary staff of Networklearning consists of Western, African and Asian professionals with long-term experience in development work. Our goals:

• Develop and distribute, through Networklearning’s online Library, easily accessible, practical and field-oriented information, manuals and instruction materials
• Facilitate and encourage the acquiring of new knowledge and skills by making top quality manuals, training courses and other information materials available, easily and free of cost
• Linking people to resources, organisations, other users, websites and materials.
• Foster a network of learning and the exchange of knowledge, skills and information between users
• Keep users well informed and updated on new developments
• Encourage users to distribute our materials, and contribute ideas and content for new manuals or case studies.
• Develop and maintain links with other organisations striving for the same purpose

The information on the website is divided into NGO fields – such as human rights, health and gender – and NGO skills – such as behaviour change, training and organizational management. The site’s web pages provide introductory content. Links are provided per topic, either to the Networklearning Library or to websites of other organizations.

Since 2001, over 100 documents – from guidelines and checklists to complete training manuals – have been developed and placed in the library at the website. In addition, permission has been obtained to publish some key materials and manuals from other organizations and writers.

All materials are available in English. A number of key manuals are translated into French and Arabic. A few items are available in other languages, including Vietnamese, Zulu and Somali.

Users download around 5,000 manuals from the Library each month. The most popular titles include ‘How to Build a Good Small NGO’, ‘NGO Self-assessment through a SWOT exercise’ and ‘Focus Group Discussions’.

Networklearning is always looking for new members who could contribute to the information, materials and manuals development. Experience in development work is desirable; even more so is the capacity to write about current issues in the development area in a way that is easily accessible and comprehensible for our non-academic target groups. Translators with understanding of development issues are also more than welcome.

For other net participants, particularly NGOs, we can try to build a partnership within which we can offer opinions and guidance – bear in mind this is a process which takes time to build a good understanding and commitment.