PO BOX 1096, Chimaliro/Matete (Country Office)

Ansprechpartner: Tonderai Manoto

+265 888 263 900


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Über uns

Temwa is a UK-based organisation, that became a registered charity in 2003, that raises funds to implement community-based projects in Malawi, southern Africa.

The Temwa mission is to create hope for a sustainable future among the people of Malawi by:
• Providing an infrastructure to support Malawian families facing financial and humanitarian hardship, irrespective of religious orientation.
• Creating partnerships and programs to equip the local population with the skills and resources to ensure ongoing health, education, and financial stability for families and the wider community

Overseen by a programme manager and a project manager in Malawi, Temwa consists of a series of programmes that are aimed at providing sustainable community-driven development in four key areas:
• Health education: HIV & AIDS Awareness; Peer Education and AIDS Action Clubs; Positive Living Training; HIV & AIDS Awareness Films/ Mobile Video Shows; Mobile Voluntary Counselling and Testing
• Skills development: Bricklaying Course; Tailoring Course; Agriculture Training; Training for PLWHA; Farmer Training Support; Youth Enterprise Development Scheme
• Agriculture and Forestry: Agricultural Training Centre; Community Forestry; Wetlands Utilisation; Food and Nutrition Security
• Schools support: Library Project; School Blocks; School Support and Scholarships; Schools Magazine

Tonderai Manoto is the Programme Manager of Temwa in Malawi.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff and procure a lecture in the field of our work.