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North Perth, WA 6906

Ansprechpartner: Benjamin, Rowland

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Über uns

Information for Action is a non profit environmental organization. The Information for Action website explains the environmental problems and offers solutions to fix them and includes an automated lobbying service. It provides a database of the names and contact details of politicians and business leaders who are directly responsible for solving the environmental challenges facing the human race. It provides letters, which you can send to them by e-mail, fax or post, and the user can edit these letter to suit their location and unique situation.

The objects of I.F.A. (Inc) are to:

- minimise the harmful effects of people on ecosystems by generating greater awareness and commitment to environmental change,
- gather information and conduct research on a wide range of environmental issues,
- publish, communicate and disseminate ideas and information on the state of the earth´s environment and on how changes to the environment affect human health and quality of life through web sites, e-mails, newsletters, meetings, seminars and conferences,
- encourage links with other relevant bodies to exchange information and details of activities,
- promote and facilitate direct and indirect action by providing resources and information from its database,
- develop a multimedia environmental entertainment-education package aimed at all people, but especially young people, which will focus on the environmental problems and recommend solutions both in terms of individual action and political legislation,
- encourage the exchange of information between environmentalists on activities, research, teaching programs, publications, organisations and plans relating to sustainable development,
- transform capitalism from a growth-oriented system to a sustainable one.

Mr. Rowland Benjamin is the president of the Information for Action.

For other net participants we can deliver a lecture and procure expert information in the field of our work.