Friends of Suffering Humanity (FSUHU)

Bolgatanga, Upper East Region

Ansprechpartner: Omar Mahamoud

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Über uns

Friends of Suffering Humanity (FSUHU) is a local NGO, non-profit, non-political and non religious, working in the field to combat human trafficking in Ghana. FSUHU was set up in 2003 to provide information and learning materials of interest and assistance to local people in their daily lives.

In 2003 Friends of Suffering Humanity developed a three-prong strategy of implementation:
• Rescue,
• Preventive,
• Legislative and Rehabilitation activities.

Mission Statement
• Awareness, training and policy-making related to the anti-trafficking campaign in the source areas of the selected districts of Northern Ghana.
• To rescue women and children from the clutches of traffickers and to expose the organized networks of trafficking.
• Rehabilitation and reintegration of rescued women and children.
• Awareness, training and policy making process related to anti-trafficking campaign in the source areas of the selected districts of the 3 Northern regions of Ghana: More than 90% of the women and children who are trapped into prostitution are rural folks. The patriarchal needs of the society and socio-economic cultural and religious factors have been trapping them into different fields including prostitution.

Our work
Assistance and support given to children by the organisation:
• Psychological counselling
• Social assistance
• Provision of safe housing
• Psychotherapy
• Assistance in safe return to region of origin

A rescue home project was started in Bolgatanga (Upper East region) in 2005 to accommodate 15 housemates at a time. The home shall be a temporal place of solace, where the victims would be given counseling, psychological assessment and referral for medicare. They would also be interviewed to get information to locate their homes/ communities.
In order to construct the rescue home FSUHU management met with representatives of the community, elders and traditional authorities to discuss the mobilization and participation of villagers. The local chiefs pledged to assist with the construction of the building by providing land. Work continues to progress on this project.

Omar Mahamoud is the CEO and Director of Programmes at Friends of Suffering Humanity.

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