Post Independence Survivors' Trust (PIST)

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Über uns

Post Independence Survivors' Trust (PIST) was established in the year 2003. The mission of the organization is, to assist in all manners possible the survivors and victims of the inhuman treatment, that has been perpetrated against some citizens/people of Zimbabwe after independence, with particular focus on 1983-1987 survivors, as well as survivors from subsequent years.

Aims and objectives of PIST among others:

- To ensure that citizens of Zimbabwe enjoy their fundamental rights and fulfil their obligation both to the State and Society.
- To assist the Post Independence victims and/or survivors in all manner possible by seeking redress, reparation, compensation and final restitution.
- To rehabilitate some political, economic and social survivors and/or victims of the Post Independence era to date.
- To assist the survivors and/or victims and relatives of the deceased to acquire authentic official documents, i.e. Birth and Death Certificates respectively.
- To embark on a systematic research on possible causes of violence and solutions.
- To strive to protect, deepen and foster Human Rights Culture and the Rule of Law in Zimbabwe.
- To facilitate reconciliation between or among opposing parties and cause unity in diversity of all citizens of Zimbabwe.

Some of PISTs' achievements to date:

- A functional office in Bulawayo, where PIST has assisted more than 150 children, women and the old to acquire official documents.
- Education of citizens on their basic rights through advocacy programmes.
- Participation in local and international fora, presenting papers on topical subjects such as constitutional reform and humanitarian needs of the displaced people caused by the Operation Restore Order "Murambatsvina" among others.

Felix Mafa is the executive director of the Post Independence Survivors' Trust.

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