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Über uns

Our Task, Inc., established in 2006, is an independent non-profit network of global citizens who are very concerned about our Earth. We mobilize young adults (late teens to early thirties) by filling in the gaps in their knowledge about what is happening to Earth and what it will mean for us if we continue with "more-of-the-same", and by advocating for the alternatives that are being proposed -- "Plan Bs". We think that young adults should have more say in the decisions made today that have an impact on the Earth they will inherit tomorrow.
The concept for Our Task began in 2000. While on assignments in Africa and Asia, Our Task founder Gerald Barney met with other development professionals, people who had been creating models for global development and environmental outlooks that serve as guides to policy makers.

Our Task´s mission is is to transform young adults into global thinkers and empower and inspire them to lead the next generation in building a more sustainable future.

Our Task plans to revise and update the Youth Earth Plan to keep pace with the publication of new global studies, and to bring in more talented young people to add their input and provide for more intergenerational collaboration. The plan serves as an interactive resource to youth around the world, allowing them to enter the global dialogue with the confidence they need to guide our Earth toward a mutually enhancing, sustainable future. The internship program has evolved into the Global Thinking Workshop.

• Our Task designed the annual Earth 2100 Conference as a dynamic and interactive knowledge-exchange space for thoughtful, civil, intergenerational dialogue to take place on global issues that young people will confront over the course of their lives.
• The Global 2100 Initiative provides the youth of today with a voice in the global climate discussion. This initiative, which is modeled after the original Global 2000 Project, gives young people the opportunity to synthesize key global research documents into understandable and actionable summaries and blogs that answer the question “how can today’s youth influence the trajectory of global developments to ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for their children and grandchildren?”
• Global Thinking Workshops: Our Task has developed an interactive and innovative course that engages audiences young and old in a conversation about global issues facing the next generation around the world and opportunities you can take to make a difference in your community.
• Satellite Conferences bring together large groups of young people in countries from all over the world to learn about the planet´s most challenging issues, along with exchanging visions and ideas on how to create positive changes within their communities.
• Eco Days

Sonja Potjewijd is the Managing Director at Our Task.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.