Medical Relief Alliance (MRA)

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Über uns

The mission of the Medical Relief Alliance: Project Africa (MRA), formed in 2001, is to provide medical supplies and technical assistance to improve health and quality of life of people of sub-Saharan Africa. MRA, based in New York City, has partnerships with corporations in the health sector and with airline corporations. Through these partnerships, MRA sent a consignment of medical supplies and equipment to Kenya in June 2003 and sent an even larger shipment in May 2005. In 2004, MRA began to develop additional programs focused on prevention and economic development.

- Identification: HIV Testing and Counseling
MRA sends mobile clinics to rural areas in Transmara District for HIV testing. Individuals are voluntarily tested and provided one half hour of counseling before and after testing. These counseling sessions educate the community in regard to prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS and help to de-stigmatize positive individuals.
- Economic Empowerment: Micro-loan for Income Generation
At MRA we feel the best gift you can give someone is the gift of accomplishment and self-worth. We offer the funds and counseling to enable Africans to build their own business to gain their independence from future hand-outs. To date 97% of loaned funds have been repaid and have been recycled to assist more Africans.
- Providing Access: MRA Community Card
New program: Every individual tested by our services will receive a MRA Community Identification Card. This card will entitle them to access to free services for treatment at the closest private clinic.
- Systemic Change: Improving Quality of Health Care
MRA provides donated top quality medical supplies and equipment to private clinics in the area for a nominal fee which goes towards supporting MRA programs. In exchange the clinics agree to see patients with an MRA Community Card at no charge.

Ms. Sarah Davis is the Executive Director. She has her Masters in Public Administration from NYU with a focus on International Development. She worked for the South African National Parliament while living in Cape Town and has spent time in over 20 developing countries. Ms. Davie has worked with the United Nations on Microcredit in Africa and with several international organizations on impact evaluation and financial management.

For other net participants we can deliver a lecture and establish new contacts in the following field: health, Africa.