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Über uns

Educational Communications is a non-profit organization, founded in 1958, dedicated to improving the quality of life on this planet. The group works on all environmental issues from the local to international level, as well as on peace, social justice, and the arts. We educate the public about problems and solutions to society’s crises.

Core Projects
• ECONEWS Television Series: A project produced by Educational Communications, is a three-time EMMY-nominated television series that covers all environmental issues. ECONEWS currently airs on over 50 cable stations (governmental, educational, and public access channels) in more than 20 states reaching 19 million homes weekly.
• Environmental Directions Radio: The Radio Series is the number one and longest running international environmental program of its kind. Inaugurated in 1977, these half-hour interview shows have aired weekly on public (NPR and APR), commercial, listener-sponsored, and college-sponsored stations, as well as on the Internet.
• The Compendium Newsletter: The Newsletter has focused on the world’s ecological problems and solutions. The newsletter is a bi-monthly publication.
• Ecology Center of Southern California: The Ecology Center was established in 1972 and serves as a regional conservation organization and clearinghouse to a population of over fifteen million.
• Earth Cultures – Ethnic Folk Dance Performances
• Project Ecotourism: The program is devoted to the conservation of ecosystems and wildlife and to the assistance of local communities through responsible travel, with the end goal of preserving cultures and natural environments.
• Promoting Responsible Travel: This project is responsible for creating articles and columns about responsible travel, including publications on useful travel advice.
• Humanity & the Planet: Humanitarian Aid and Support to Organizations in Developing Nations
• Environmental Resources Library: The Environmental Resources Library has assembled a wide array of original environmental and humanitarian works and publications. Select papers, newsletters, magazines, CDs, DVDs, and other materials are kept by various volunteers who participate in our activities and committees.

Additional Projects
• Campus Greening: Students, interns, and volunteers strive to make their local school campuses and communities more ecological and sustainable by advocating for and initiating environmentally-friendly practices.
• Eco-View creates publications that include transcripts of speeches, interviews, and catalogs of audio and visual programs about the world’s environment.
• Social Justice and the Arts has focused on improving community relations, promoting international peace, and developing artistic expression. Through classroom education, film documentaries, video news reports, audio-visual materials, and print articles, social change has been and continues to be conceived.
• Ecological Action Checklist

• Speakers Bureau
• Media Productions and Consultations
• Academic Materials and Informative Fliers

Nancy Pearlman is the Executive Director of Educational Communications.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.