World Without Obstacles (WWO)

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Über uns

World Without Obstacles (WWO) is a registered, non-profit international organization with a network in more than 15 countries around the world and with a headquarter in New Delhi, India. Our mission is to support the development of deprived communities, to improve the provision of education, to address public health and environmental issues, and to promote inter-cultural understanding in India and throughout the world.

Our work focusses on four thematic areas:
• Education: To help and provide children with improved access to quality education, to end illiteracy among people particularly within the poorer and deprived communities of India, and to help provide program participants with practical skills that supports their development.
• Health: To promote, encourage, facilitate and organize public health camps in rural areas, to support, supply information for health awareness, immunization and family planning measures, to promote, encourage ancient and holistic systems for health care of people for example Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy and Homeopathy.
• Culture: To promote, encourage, facilitate studies, discussions, seminars, dialogues, interactions, travel exchange programs and other activities in the areas of art, culture, yoga, spirituality etc and to encourage and support the production and the exchange of ideas by Indian and International artists through creation, exhibition and distribution.
• Environment: To carry out public awareness and education programs, in particular to promote a social idol immersion ceremony to protect environmental population and righteousness.

• Shikshit Bharat (Unite for Education) is a social initiative of WWO which offers quality primary education to underprivileged children. WWO supports the Gurukul Children Academy in the rural village Belsar in Gonda District (U.P.) with sanitation & health programmes, English education and improvement of school facilities.
• Chestha - Rural Computer Education Program (RCEP) for livelihood: WWO offers FREE professional computer training for underprivileged youth. After completing their training the youth are given credentials that help them to earn their livelihood.
• FREE HIV Testing & Counseling Program: This program for Rural Community is providing free HIV testing, counseling and treatment options for the people suffering from HIV/AIDS for the various rural community of India to fight with HIV/AIDS.
• Medical camps such as blood donation camps and screening/check-up & medicine camps in rural areas.
• Farmers Training Program: Since there is great demand for medicinal plants and increase development of the people to follow ayurvedic treatment but due to lack of availability of medical plants it is very beneficial for farmer to cultivate the medicinal plants since there is high demand of these plants.
• Women Empowerment & SHG Program: WWO is running various women empowerment programs. In this project we are running vocational training and income generating skills programs for school dropout adolescent girls and women especially for underprivileged and physically challenged in cutting and tailoring, embroidery, beauty culture, local handicrafts, typing, shorthand and professional computer training.
• Bharat Darshan - A Glance of India (Relevant Tourism): Bharat Darshan is for volunteers / travelers who are traveling to India and other participating countries around the world, to work towards positive social and developmental changes. WWO is working to build a center called Atithi Niwas (resource center) that is available to volunteers who are traveling to India and other participating countries is partnered with various NGOs, to work for educational, social and economic development.
• Social idol immersion Program: WWO with support of local NGO’s/activist’s organizes “Social Idol Immersion Ceremonies” with the theme of “Clean Environment, Healthy Nation”. Under this program we create awareness among people who knowingly/unknowingly pollute the environment by putting their broken idols, statues, trash posters, books and other materials outside temple areas, parks and other unused places or - majority - into clean water such as rivers, lakes, seas by organizing a vedic immersion ceremony (havan & puja) as an alternative.
• Academic Research: WWO encourages and supports those who are doing research or studies in a participating country.

Bharat Bhushan is the Founder of World Without Obstacles (WWO).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.