Pens for Kids Denmark

Holmevej 21, Annisse Nord
3200 Helsinge

Ansprechpartner: Claus Kusk Hjørnet

+45 (0)30 93 20 65


  • Hilfe für Entwicklungsländer
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Über uns

Pens for Kids Denmark is a charity organization, based 100 % on volunteer work, to help kids in developing countries - primarily in Africa - to get an education. Pens for Kids is free of any political or religious influence, motives or economical or any other interests other than helping kids in Africa to get an education. Pens for Kids started in 2000 as a private, informal project; in February 2010 Pens For Kids Denmark changed status to a formal charitable organization.

Since it’s inception in Denmark, Pens For Kids has started similar organisations in the USA and in the UK.

In many countries in Africa kids can only dream of an education, as parents cannot afford to send their kids to school. The main obstacles are often school fees, school uniforms, or that the kids must work to help support the family.

In Kenya education is free, but missing income, uniforms and cost of everyday school items such as pens are still big hurdles to overcome. In a country where the average income per family is a dollar or two a day, pens are big investments - and quickly dry out under the relentless Equatorial sun. Many African kids just wish they could be allowed to go to school. Pens for Kids is trying to help kids in Africa, by removing one of the hurdles on their way to an education - the cost of a pen !

The Pens for Kids project works like this:

We collect (new and used) pens from friends, colleagues, family and who ever donates them, and send them to our contacts in Africa - the so-called Pens for Kids Ambassadors, or to organisations in other underprivileged countries. Any pens sent to us from other countries we forward to our contacts – however, if the donor lives closer to Africa than we do, we kindly ask that the pens be sent directly to Africa instead, if it makes no difference to the donor. You are welcome to send pens directly to the ambassadors. Our contacts in Africa (the so-called Ambassadors) distribute the pens to underprivileged children in their local areas at no charge.

Claus Kusk Hjørnet is chairman of Pens for Kids Denmark.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.