Instituto de Desarrollo Integral y Gestión Municipal (INDIGESM)

MZ "C" Lote 13 Urbanizacion Las Casuarinas
074 Lambayeque

Ansprechpartner: José Víctor Sánchez Córdova

+51 502733


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Über uns

The "Institute for the Integral Development of the Townships" (NRO) - INDIGESM is a non- profit-making association whose overriding aim is to promote the integral development of the people living in villages and areas of extreme poverty in our country (Peru).

We work in the fields of:

Fight against poverty
• Water: Construction or rehabilitation of water systems, networks and connections
• Health: Expansion or rehabilitation of health centers, construction of health stations, provision of medical equipment, materials; education and outreach of public health, improved diagnosis of diseases.
• Job creation and training: Equipment and materials for job-training for productive activities (Sewing machines, knitting, audiovisual equipment, and other relatives) aimed at raising the standard of living.
• Basic infrastructure in agriculture: Construction of agricultural facilities and/or small irrigation infrastructure (intake, canal, reservoir, etc..); Equipment and teaching materials for agricultural techniques in production and handling of cultural areas and for technical training in agro-ecosystems.
Social sector support
• Education: Construction of classrooms for early childhood centers and for primary schools; construction of special schools; training centers for arts and crafts and for disabled people, for improving the level of child education and the level of family income.
• Environmental protection: Improvement of sewage disposal
Economic Infrastructure
• Improvement of the agricultural marketing processes
• Development of alternatives - Eradication of the illegal Coca cultivation
• Fishing
• Facilities for environmental conservation: Rehabilitation and implementation of community tree nurseries
• Conservation of forest and fauna: Protection and conservation of wildlife in reserved areas; Equipment and supplies for protection and conservation of forests.

José Víctor Sánchez Córdova is the President of the Instituto de Desarrollo Integral y Gestión Municipal – INDIGESM.

We can offer guidance, give lectures and provide assistance with contacts in the field: The problem of deforestation in Peru.