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Über uns

The African Rural Press in Action (ARUPA), established in 1996,works with rural media and rural communities in Dodoma, Tanzania, aiming to put issues such as HIV/AIDS, child labour, the environment, and poverty on the media´s agenda. It also provides support to rural media practitioners through workshops and offers platforms for the exchange of news and views between rural and urban populations.

Established rural oriented media in action providing effective humanitarian and information services which is friendly, trustful, reliable and powerful for social development change, awareness creation, sustainable development, good governance, freedom of expression and accountability.

ARUPA works to:
• create awareness of fundamental human rights and the right to access information through mass media such as radio, television, and magazines;
• identify and advocate for human rights in relation to HIV/AIDS, child labour, the environment, and poverty;
• conduct short- and long-term training programmes for rural people and rural communicators;
• provide a forum for exchange of news and views, skills, and experience among non-governmental organisations (NGOs)/community-based organisations (CBOs) and bridging the information gaps between urban and rural people, and between the government and people at grassroots level; and
• establish active information systems.

Main activities:
• Humanitarian services: ARUPA is working to implement a new six-month-long radio series addressing the issue of child labour and harmful traditional practices of female genital mutilation (FGM); Through a group of 30 members comprising both genders, ARUPA is also addressing the problem of sexually transmitted infection (STI) and HIV/AIDS, and providing services such as: Counseling; Dissemination of condoms; Animating young student groups in primary and secondary schools through frequent visits involving the performance of local dances, songs, and dramas; Distribution of educational printed materials to enable the continuation of discussions and exchange of information among young people.
• Traditional and cultural initiatives: ARUPA organizes both annual local and international traditional folklore festivals in collaboration with International Organisations such as Klang Welten, Germany and Caja Madrid Foundation from Spain.
• Training and multimedia media services: In media industry ARUPA for last 7 years has been running a training and information centre providing one-year course programme in rural journalism concept and multidisciplinary courses including Computer literacy and journalism online, two Journalistic English programmes (Intermediate and Intensive course) as well as entrepreneurs concept and life skills for young people. In media experience, ARUPA had produced and supported the production of Radio and TV programmes and runs a number of Radio Spots and programmes.
• Gender Project in Chikopelo Village: In 2004, ARUPA in collaboration with CARITAS Diocese of Dodoma established a joint venture GENDER Mainstreaming Project aimed at creating awareness and sensitization in Chikopelo Village in Bahi District; ARUPA also established 3 women groups.
• Response to Human Rights and Gender Balance: ARUPA has been embarked in the long term programme (Adolescent Female Protection and Development Programme – AfPDP) aimed at empowering vulnerable and marginalized population with special focus to the adolescent girls and Non-Governmental Activists in Central Zone of Tanzania and advocating effectively against gender based violence and violence against children as well as promoting reproductive health related issues.
• Millennium Development Goals 4&5: ARUPA designed a project to campaign against the escalating rate of maternal mortality and child deaths.

Daniel Benno Msangya is the Founder and President of African Rural Press in Action (ARUPA).

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.