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Ansprechpartner: Stojkovski, Sasho

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Über uns

Nansen Dialogue Center (NDC) is a non-governmental, non-party and non-profit association of citizens that operates in the field of civil society. NDC Skopje is striving towards building a sustainable, democratic community for all citizens, based in the rule of law and social welfare. NDC tries to speed up the process of integration of the Republic of Macedonia into the EU.

NDC Skopje's mission is focused on the following:

- supporting development of civil society by stimulating the process of dialogue between individuals and groups with different stances and opinions,
- promoting the values of peace and peaceful conflict solution,
- fostering the intercultural exchange between different cultural communities living in the Republic of Macedonia,
- finally, building a network of activists who are willing to help and support NDC Skopje's efforts to realize the planned activities.

NDC consists of young people from the Republic of Macedonia previously trained in the "Democracy, Human Rights and Peaceful Conflict Resolution" project organized by the Nansen Academy-Lillehammer, Norway. The primary idea of this project is:

- to provide knowledge of democracy, human rights and peaceful conflict solution,
- the support of democractic participation, protection of human rights and gender equality,
- to prepare and equip participants for active and constructive peace working,
- to create new networks surpassing traditional cleavages.

NDC Skopje works with a financial support from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. We can also offer expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, deliver a lecture, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.