Roll Out The Barrel Trust (ROTB Trust)

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Ansprechpartner: Adrian Brewer

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Über uns

In 2006 Adrian Brewer founded Roll Out The Barrel (ROTB Trust) after witnessing children carrying water over long distances.
Roll Out the Barrel is a UK registered charity that provides rotary water barrels to women and children around the world who have to carry their daily water in canisters either at arms length, on their heads, or back, over long distances. Using a barrel improves the health of women and children by reducing the time taken for water collection and providing opportunities for children to attend school and for women to receive health and domestic education.

Mission statement: to send 1,000,000 rotary barrels to women and children around the world who now carry up to 40 kilos of water, sometimes on their heads, over distances as far as 10 kilometres, every single day.

What we do
• We intend that the elderly, women and children who collect water, even from the closest of water sources or supply will no longer need to carry it, by hand, on their backs, on their heads, or over their shoulders, by providing them with a simple push/pull 30 litre rotary water barrel with a handle and rubber tyres.
• The solution is to send a 30 litre rotary roll-along water barrel, which prevents problems with water collection including physical deformity and compressed organs, faced by people, more often than not young children, in developing countries.
• We work with agencies and groups to provide rotary water barrels to communities who currently collect their water from wells, streams and pumps, sometimes kilometres away. The use of the roller barrel will relieve children from the hardship of carrying water and the time saved will offer them opportunities to attend school. We will work in conjunction with Lifetstraw and Aquafilter to ensure clean drinkable water is the end result.

So apart from the obvious advantage of not having to carry water, the rotary barrels also make it:
• More secure for women and children from abuse and assault
• Quicker and easier to collect potable water
• Much less strenuous and dangerous for children's health
• Easier to collect more water than traditional methods
• Water collected remains in a sealed container
• Reduced loss through spillage or further contamination
• Less trips per day/week to and from the water source
• Gives the person time to do other things during their day

Adrian Brewer is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Roll Out The Barrel (ROTB Trust).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.