EASTER Organization

Ebenezer Association of Social and Technical Education for Rural Trust

43.V.O.C. Street - Gingee - 604 202, Villupuram-District
Tamil Nadu

Ansprechpartner: Dayanandan, R. Earnest

+91 9842039872


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Über uns

The EASTER Organization is a NGO working for the upliftment of poor and underprivileged people at our target area since 1995 in various development activities. The EASTER Organization is mainly aiming at importing education to poor and underprivileged children, having our schools (handling two schools) in a rented place, most of the parents of agriculture, petty business men and Dalit Labourers (Dalit is a low cost community, and they are the untouchables in our country). Our schools are private and depending upon the contributions and donations from selected wealthy peoples, this is inadequate to maintain and take care of the other poor children of free education.

There is no any single subsidy or financial assistance from local government. In spite of lack of proper playground, modern infrastructure facilities, we are doing our level best in running the schools to the entire satisfaction of the society at large.

In this situation it will be a great help and boon if we find any like minded agencies for support to have proper buildings as well as to buy play ground for the schools, and also sponsorship, scholarship and posterity, so that the children may be benefited and supported individually and corporately.

R. Earnest Dayanandan is the Director of the EASTER Organization.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities and procure expert information in the field of our work.