Gandhi Path, West of Jail,
852131 Naya Nagar, Supaul, Bihar

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Über uns

Gramyasheel came into existence in 1994 with the vision to bring out social transformation through peaceful and non-violent means and by dedicated services based on the values of Sarvodaya (upliftment of all).

Gramyasheel endeavors to elicit lasting change by:
• Undertaking economic, social, educational, cultural and spiritual services for the all-round development of society
• Re-ingraining values of non-discrimination, mutual love, respect, co-operation and non-violence in children and adolescents by denouncing all kinds of caste, community and gender based discriminations
• Building a self-reliant and egalitarian society based on the principles of Gram Swarajya
• Development of physical, mental, and moral consciousness of all especially women and children
• Preserving and promoting folk knowledge, skills and practices
• Creating a healthy and violence-free atmosphere for children and adolescents
• Reclaiming a village society that appreciates village based work-oriented education, life-skills, organic agriculture, locally relevant tried-&-true livelihoods and health practices

Core areas of work:
• Flood relief and rehabilitation in the flood-affected villages of Koshi region including medical support and relief
• Protecting children from human trafficking and subtle forms of violence both within and outside family, especially of marginalized sections, and in vulnerable areas
• Survival of infants and mothers by facilitating access to health services and Nutrition
• Nurturing girls and women. Five-fold development of Adolescent girls in terms of - education, health, self-defense and security, self-dependence and leadership
• Promotion of water and sanitation practices
• Revival and promotion of agriculture based livelihood practices based on local knowledge, skills and resources relevant to flood and waterlogging affected Koshi region
• Promotion of and facilitating access to traditional, native and alternative systems and practices of health care and medicine
• Upholding non-violence and nature based way of life: Conservation of terrestrial and aquatic animals of the region
• Inducing positive moral values in children and adolescents, life-Skills and psychological counseling based complemental education and training
• Inculcation of rural values of mutual love and trust, purity and ecological cleanliness and Sahajeevan (living together in perfect peace and harmony with fellow creatures and nature) in increasingly urbanizing life and communities
• Research and documentation on traditional agricultural systems and practices,

Ongoing Projects
• Ganga River dolphin conservation education programme in the select schools of Supaul District of Bihar
• Reviving traditional health cultures in Bihar
• Participatory ground water management

Chandrashekhar is the Secretary &Founder Secretary of Gramyasheel.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.