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Über uns

COMPLITKENYA was registered with the office of Gender and Social Development as a Community Based Organization on 18th April 2013 registration number DSS/MCD/CBO/0025/2013.

To empower information-poor communities in rural and other disadvantaged areas of Kenya to achieve sustainable development through education and technology-enabled learning.

Complitkenya envisions an educated and informed rural Kenyan community, equipped and empowered to prosper in the global knowledge economy.
1. Support learning and education for disadvantaged students in remote and resource poor areas of Kenya.
2. Promote STEM education, e-learning, digital literacy and innovation in rural and other resource poor areas of Kenya.
3. Empower communities in rural Kenya where access to information is very low through enabling access to comprehensive and up-to-date information on key drivers of the local economy such as health, agriculture, entrepreneurship, commerce, technology, media, and governance.
4. Establish partnerships, collaboration, cooperation and networking with both organizations and individuals, locally and internationally.

Our work and Programmes:
• Information Technology (IT) Training: Complitkenya has established six community e-centres (computer labs) in Nyamira County, in partnership with local public schools and adult learning centres. Through these centres, Complitkenya has so far enabled over 3,500 successful learners to attain basic skills in computer literacy through free computer classes, and affordable IT training for students interested in pursuing IT-related careers.
• E-Learning: With the support of both individual and organizational developers and e-learning providers, Complitkenya offers digital educational resources in all the computer labs we run.
• Educational Support to Orphans: Complitkenya supports orphans and other needy children to access education. Through mentorship, donation of books and school fees support, we invests in promising needy students to secure a bright future for them.
• Educational Infrastructure: We support quality education through educational infrastructure, e.g. libraries, classrooms, computer labs, science labs, and educational equipment.
• Vocational Training: Complitkenya cooperates with Youth Polytechnics and Technical Training Institutions to support the delivery of quality vocational education so as to nurture a 21st Century competitive workforce.
• Adult Education: Complitkenya collaborates with Adult Learning and Continuing Education Centres to enable illiterate and semi-illiterate adults and youths out of school to access adult basic education.
• Education Advocacy: Complitkenya organizes Education Hackathons, workshops, seminars, and other community outreach events to facilitate education dialogue in a bid to improve the quality of education in Kenya.
• Youth Employment: Complitkenya supports technological and scientific innovation aimed the development of startups, social enterprises, and small scale industries in a bid to create jobs for young people.
• Women in IT: Women in IT is a programme aimed at bridging the gender disparity between girls and boys, women and men, in terms of equitable access to information and communication technology. The programme also encourages young women to take up STEM courses in higher education.

Eric Kimori is the Executive Director of COMPLITKENYA, and he can be reached on

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.