Child Relief Integrated Social Action (CRISA)

HIG-163, Phase V, KPHB
Hyderabad - 500 072, Andhra Pradesh

Ansprechpartner: Samuel Raju Matta

+91- 9985000984


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  • Sozialpolitik/behinderte Menschen

Über uns

Child Relief Integrated Social Action is a non-governmental, non-profit, Child Welfare Organization registered with the Government of Andhra Pradesh under the Societies Act and operating since 1997. It was established with the sole aim to bring hope and happiness into the lives of the underprivileged children and neglected people in India. With our limited local resources, we are working for these children on health and education in the under-developed rural and urban areas of Andhra Pradesh.

Thousands of children in India live in extreme poverty and poor health condition and are under-privileged. A large number of children are found on the City streets, finding other means to survive. Deaths of parents, severe illnesses, acute poverty, abuses etc., are some of the factors that force these unfortunate children on to the streets, where they are forced to work, and get exploited, maltreated, and abused. They are trying so hard to survive by begging, picking rags, shoe shining, and whatever menial jobs they can find. Many a times gangs implement and exploit them in these operations doe their own benefit coupled with this misfortune, they have to support their parents too, and with these miseries, their little minds devoid to achieve big but reasonable and realistic dream for a better tomorrow.

We at CRISA have a great burden for these underprivileged children. Our goal is to provide a home for these deprived children, where they will get reasonable nutrition, clothing, and education. Our programs are structured to nurture them towards a "WHOLE" child, by promoting a balance of social, physical, mental, and spiritual inputs and achieve growth in their mental faculties, which help them to achieve his/her full potential in his Blessings and Glory.

Our projects are:

Child Rehabilitation Project (CRP), which provides education, food, shelter, clothing and health to the working children, street children & orphan children.

Care and Support Home (CASH) for the HIV-effected children and their parents by protecting their human rights including right to access health care system, right to education, employment and privacy, and to prevent women and children and other socially vulnerable groups from getting infected. Improving the health education, legal status and economic prospects. Creating awareness on Gender, human rights, HIV testing, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, condom promotion, and counselling.

Our mission is to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS, support & advocate for the orphans & vulnerable children left in the wake of the AIDS pandemic and to ensure human rights for the people & children infected & affected with HIV/AIDS.

For the other net participants we can offer expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion and procure expert information in the field of our work.