REDI Refugee Economic Development Initiative

P.O Box 2893
Pretoria 0001-R.S.A

Ansprechpartner: Bucumi, Boniface

+27 123212911
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Über uns

REDI (Refugee Economic Development Initiative) is a Humanitarian Association based and operating in Pretoria, the Republic of South Africa. We are a recently established Association, and are still more theoretical than practical due to lack of enough funds to implement our undertakings and projects.

Our main business is to provide disadvantaged refugees with basic life skills, and help them create innovative projects which enable them to be self-sufficient, and in this way reduce misery and poverty.

We have a number of Projects that has to be implemented at a certain interval of time, but our paramount Project is an After School Care Centre.
This project aims to take care of Refugee children that are attending school, by providing them food, occupying them usefully when they are back from school by helping them understand and do their homework, and making them computer literate children.

Goals of the project:

- Let us join our hands to heal the world of hearts in need of care.
- Support our children for tomorrow's better world.
- Make (for refugee children) a way out of darkness of wars and conflicts.

Objective of the project:

Creation of a better environment & hopeful future for refugee children.

Mr. Boniface Bucumi is the Legal Representative of REDI.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities and establish new contacts in the following field: Community Projects. Other supporting possibilities: We can provide not only accommodation, but help in facilitating researches as far as community projects are concerned and giving a practical way of success of projects undertaken. Living and working with the needy community we can share our experiences of the most important areas that need to be handled with, for changing the community to the better.