Duta Awam Foundation (YDA Solo)

Adi Sucipto 184 i, Karangasem
Surakarta -57145

Ansprechpartner: Muhammad Riza


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Über uns

Duta Awam Foundation (called Duta Awam or YDA Solo) is a non profit organization which was born in March 1996, at Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. Founded by activists and journalists, during the time Duta Awam is a resource for poor farmers to learning and doing advocacy through Advocacy Based on Participatory Monitoring. What we are doing are to assist Indonesian farmers/peasants society to solve their problem, to secure their rights.

Our strategies are to strengthening and empowering the farmers groups in and with:

- education, research and organizing,
- advocacy,
- developing public opinion,
- based on data,
- organization/institutional building.

What we did since 2000:

- Sustainable Agriculture - Learning Together in Developing Farmers Organization as the Base of Advocacy Movement;
- Capacity Building for 5 Villages;
- Facilitating Affected People of the ADB-Funded Community Empowerment for Rural Development Project (CERDP) Demand ADB Accountability;
- Community-Centered Advocacy to Demand Accountability and Transparency In The Indonesian Agricultural/Rural Development Projects Through Farmers' Developmental Initiatives;
- Developing & Increasing Farmers' Access To Market;
- Avian Influenza Awareness.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Further we offer expert guidance through trained staff and establish new contacts in the following field: farmer's issues, community development, community centered advocacy.