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Über uns

King World Missions is a non-profit, faith-based NGO founded by two pastors and their wives in Lusaka, Zambia in 2001 under the name of NOW Ministries, the acronym standing for Neglected Orphans and Widows. In 2005 the Lusaka branch of NOW Ministries continued under a new name: King World Missions (KWM). It is led by Pastor Ralph Sebente and his wife Agnes Chisenga, assisted by a board made up of three more community members and a fundraising advisor.
KWM's aims are to support orphans and widows, being two particularly vulnerable groups in the community where they are based (Kalingalinga and Mutendere townships, Lusaka).

In the first place, KWM's focus was on setting up a community school for children who have no access to the mainstream education. The school is supported by a small number of benefactors in the US and a foundation-in-the-making in the Netherlands, set up by a volunteer. It is housed in a rented building (Plot No C736/A, Mutendere), which will soon be too small for the children, and the plot does not allow for extension of the school. KWM is now striving to acquire a plot of its own.

The second activity KWM started is a Support Group for women (most of them are widows) staying in the direct vicinity of the KWM School. The group, called King World Missions Women Support Group, now comprises of 24 members including an Executive of 7. Most of the members have orphans (their own or others) in their care, and are struggling to make a living for the small businesses. They all have a constant lack of capital, as the profits are low and the cost of living high. Therefore they intend to set up a communal enterprise. With the gains they can build up their support group and start a revolving fund to strengthen their individual businesses. With a strong base, the Support Group can bring also other benefits to these women, such as adult education, counselling, community home-based care, etc.

The goals of this project are twofold. The first goal is provide a number of different professional skills trainings to enable the women to have more business options. The second goal is to set up and stock a communal chicken rearing enterprise, with the aim to create a revolving fund to strengthen their individual businesses. These two things will allow them to be self-sufficient in the future, not only as breadwinners, but also as a Women Support Group.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Further we can offer expert guidance through trained staff and establish new contacts in the field of our work.