Agriculture development NGO

Village Jrarat, Armavir region
Echmiadzin 378323

Ansprechpartner: Petrosyan, Aleksan

+374 31 98 3-65
+374 1 27-74-73


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Über uns

The Agriculture development NGO is a non for profit organization. Its mission is:

- to aid the rural communities,
- to study and spread the successful experience, as well as innovative technology in the rural communities,
- to help them in acquainting with fruitful sorts seeds, productive new sorts of animals,
- to assist in the unification of the farming, as well in the creation of agricultural products providing, selling and supplying companies, to discover the diseases of plants and animals in time and organize the struggle against them, and create chemical pest-killers and medicine station for that purpose,
- to help socially needed families providing them with free agricultural, legal and other information and applying a discount system for them,
- to implement social-economic, educational, health and other projects for improving the living standards of the villagers, creating work places for needy families, women and refugees,
- to provide educational, social, health charity projects for women, parentless, needy and refugee children,
- to promote the development of the tourism in our country, as well as to implement other projects through collaboration with local and international organizations, that can also assist in the development of rural communities.

For other net participants we can procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work. Other supporting possibilities: to do projects on agriculture, health, education and social.