Progress Links

Box 110
03187 Kiev

Ansprechpartner: Charles Asante-Yeboa

+380 67 500 5888
+380 44 266 3800


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Über uns

Progress Links is a humanitarian organization dedicated to the practical task of helping to improve the quality of life of the needy isolated and rather detached people in society such as:

- Street children who may grow to become rogues, truants or bandits if they do not receive proper attention and training,
- dejected orphans who often feel they practically have no right in society,
- the handicapped who have the misconception (due to society's view of them) that they play no important role in our present world of realities,
- single parents, especially single mothers, who are always in anguish about themselves and their children.

To summarize, Progress Links' activities are:

- Seeking out and taking care of abandoned kids, street children, and orphans receiving little or no attention; taking charge of and educating them,
- providing social, physical and psychological rehabilitation in collaboration with specialized institutions,
- organizing regular curative stays for the handicapped in specified places,
- aiding the aged who have no family support,
- organizing cultural & sports activities among orphanages etc.,
- distributing food rations to street children, the handicapped and the aged without family support.

Charles Asante-Yeboa is the President of Progress Links.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer expert guidance and new contacts in the field of our work.