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Ansprechpartner: Kissoondoyal, Dave

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+230 6778059


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Über uns

The Internet Society of Mauritius Chapter (ISOC-MU) was founded in January 2000 under the umbrella of the worldwide professional internet society, ISOC, whose members are bounded by a common stake in maintaining the viability and global scaling of the Internet.

The Internet Society of Mauritius is a not profit membership organization, dedicated to promoting the use of the internet for research, communication and collaboration.

ISOC-MU is a forum for government, industry, and individuals to debate and formulate internet network policies and procedures, with a focus for development and evolution on internet technology. It is a non-governmental organization.

ISOC Mauritius Chapter was thus established with the mission, to link together people who are interested in the open evolution of the internet and provide leadership in addressing internet issues in the local community.

Its specific goals and purposes include:

- to propagate the use of internet amongst its members and the public in general,
- to promote the rapid propagation of internet and its technologies in every sphere of the Mauritian community,
- to provide services for organisational and individual members in terms of training and support in connection to internet technologies,
- to advocate the use of the internet to the individual and organisational members in their daily life,
- to show the importance of internet and its technologies in the life of the public in Mauritius and elsewhere.

Its principal purpose is to maintain and extend the development and availability of the internet and its associated technologies and applications - both as an end in itself, and as a means of enabling organizations, professions and individuals worldwide to more effectively collaborate, cooperate and innovate in their respective fields and interests. The Internet Society of Mauritius is open to all individuals and organizations.

Mr. Dave Kissoondoyal is the president of the ISOC-MU.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Further we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff in the field of our work.