Walta Mothers & Children Health Care Organization (WMCHCO)

Addis Ababa

Ansprechpartner: Addisu Anshebo

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Über uns

Walta Mothers & Children Health Care Organization is a not for profit Non-Governmental Organization established in 2007,by volunteer individuals/health professionals and registered at the Federal 01963 in August 2010. Walta Mothers and Children Health Care Organization (WMCHCO) is an Ethiopian Residents Charity centered in Addis Ababa and mandated to the overall betterment of underserved mothers and children who are affected by poverty and its line impacts with basic life chronologies skills so that they could ultimately unlock their full potential in life.

WMCHCO aims to help improve the lives of orphans, destitute mothers, people living with the HIV virus, and other marginalized groups through health, education, family planning, reproductive health and income generating interventions.

Our mission mainly focuses working towards creating a better world for destitute mothers, improve vulnerable children´s access to quality education and health and incorporating migration health, strive towards creating a family environment for the children we are serving & Empowering youth so as to plant a lasting positive change in their life.

Our work
Programmes include reproductive health education and HIV/AIDS prevention and health care, early childhood care and education, access for girls´ education and school health intervention, and environmental health and protection with the financial support of Positive Action Child Fund-UK (PACF), Walta has been undertaking community based prevention of mother to children HIV transmission intervention. On the other hand, WMCHO is also implementing reproductive health policy literacy activities with the financial support of World Bank Country Office. In particular, WMCHCO is proposed a grassroots level comprehensive PMTCT project. The objective of the project is to reverse and ultimately halt vertical HIV/AIDS transmission of HIV around Addis Ababa city administration.

Primary prevention to help women remain HIV-negative
Preventing unintended pregnancies among HIV-infected women
preventing transmission from HIV-infected women to their children
providing care to HIV-infected mothers and their children

Partnership: - Walta believes it is a change agent and champion in the lives of individuals and communities. It fully understands and upholds the fact that multifaceted challenges in any community cannot be fully addressed by a single organization or few groups, particularly, without full participation of individuals and groups that are affected by those challenges Walta focuses on. Thus, we believe full involvement of our stakeholders is critical success factor to achieve our mission, and involve partners at all levels/all steps of our programs problem identification, options appraisal, design, implementation and monitoring evolution stages. It is key for the development and the sustainability of the services offered by Walta. Therefore we welcome and develop relationships with a range of like-minded organizations and individuals which have the potential to partner with us in the fulfillment of our mission.

Addisse Anshebo is the Executive Director of Walta Mothers & Children Health Care Organization (WMCHCO).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.