Integrated Youth Empowerment Center (IYEC Cameroon)

PO Box 957; Carr street (beside Ecowest)
New Town Limbe

Ansprechpartner: Tabemonso Bessem Elsie

+237 675866283; +237 77 91 40 91


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Über uns

Integrated Youth Empowerment Center (IYEC) is an organization in Cameroon with its head quarter in Limbe. IYEC was founded in November 2003. Over the past years, IYEC Cameroon has provided assistance in peace building, human right promotion and protection, community development, health care, hygiene and sanitation, gender empowerment and wealth creation.

A society where youths and the under privileged groups are aware of their rights, participate in decision making, have equal access to resources and benefits, poverty alleviation for sustainable livelihood, become self-reliant within a supportive policy environment for sustainable development in Cameroon.

IYEC Cameroon’s mission is to supports the youths and underprivileged groups within the communities on health issues, human right promotion and protection, wealth creation, and provides capacity building for improved livelihood using a community centered approach and advocacy.

Overall Goal/Ultimate outcome
To ensure that underprivileged groups have increased access to and control over socio-economic and political resources for improved livelihood in Cameroon through programs on health, gender, human right, capacity building and wealth creation.

• Organize capacity building programs for civil society organizations, youth groups, institutions as well as the rural and urban communities.
• Establish micro projects within communities, mobilize savings among the rural women and embed in them a culture of savings.
• Mobilize and sensitize communities on areas of interest including the promotion of sustainable agriculture, gender equity, human rights, environmental awareness and reduction of rural poverty, governance issues.
• Help communities especially the rural women develop appropriate health care systems through HIV and AIDS education, reproductive health, hygiene and sanitation.
• Promote access to new information and communication technologies for rural and urban communities.

• Health project: The project focuses on community verification of the health status of mothers, fathers, children, and to empower health facilities, both Government and private based on how much work they are doing in the Limbe district health area.
• Social justice and peace: Enhancing human right monitoring, advocacy, intervention and reporting in the south west region of Cameroon.
• Capacity building workshop with CSOs on the fundamental right of persons living with disabilities
• Civil peace service
• Project women and youths in democracy,
• IYEC fostering community education in preventing early and forced marriage.
• Plantain for live project farm to fight the devastating food insecurity in Cameroon
• Member of IYEC carrying out civic action on hygiene and sanitation

Tabemonso Bessem Elsie is the Executive Director of the Integrated Youth Empowerment Center (IYEC).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.