Save Mothers and Children of Oromia (SMCO)

P.O.Box 10655; Bole Subcity W. 03
Addis Ababa

Ansprechpartner: Ato Worku Mulleta

+251 116 611549; +251 912 175173


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Über uns

Save Mothers and Children of Oromia (SMCO) is a local NGO initiated and established in August 2001 and registered in November 5, 2002. Pursuant to the new Charities and Societies Proclamation, it is re-registered as Ethiopian Resident Charity organization. Under this new entity SMCO is mandated to assist resource poor, unserve, marginalized and hard to reach communities with focus on mothers and children to empowering them to improve their livelihood and be engaged in development contributing to economic and social transformation of the nation.

SMCO envisages a society in Ethiopia which is economically productive and equitable, socially just, environmentally sound and genuinely democratic.

SMCO´s mission is to help people to organize, expand their capacities and equip themselves for the struggle they must fight to overcome poverty, backwardness and other deprivations under which they strangle.

The organization has the following objectives.
• Conduct capacity building through training and educating the target groups and communities;
• To promote constructive cultural values and combat traditionally harmful practices affecting the health and wellbeing of women and children and thus improve their economic and social status;
• To promote, support and assist the target communities to implement programs geared to addressing the real and felt needs of the target communities;
• To assist the marginalized and unserved sections of the society including women, children and the elderly and persons with HIV/AIDS;
• To introduce and promote vegan life style to thus address health, food, water and energy security, environmental protection and pollution; and animals’ welfare, etc.
• To promote organic vegan agriculture to address food security, climate change, environmental protection;
• To introduce and promote technology options to geared to solving community economic and social problems;
• To participate in disaster and emergency situation to aid in relief and rehabilitation at times of need;
• To participate in researches that contribute to solving economic and social concerns of the target communities.

• The Siqqee Project Siqqee Research: Women empowerment adapting traditional democratic practices with the support of National Endowment for Democracy (NED).
• CBO Training: Community Based Organizations capacity building project with the support of European Union - Civil Society Fund (EU-CSF).
• Water and Climate Project: Workshop on Water and Climate Change with the support of Department for International Development (DFID).
• Social Accountability project in Meta Robi District of West Shewa zone of Oromia with the support of Multi Trust Fund (World Bank).
• SMCO has planned a literacy education programme.

Worku Mulleta is the General Manager of Save Mothers and Children of Oromia (SMCO).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.