The Angels

School for Special Children

No. 6, Shaley Valley, Range Road, P. O. Box No. 260
44000 Rawalpindi

Ansprechpartner: Umair Ahmed

+923215161008; +92 300-955 76 15


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Über uns

The Angels, School for Special Children is a centre for mentally disorder and physically handicapped children. It is a project of The Angels Foundation which is a non-profit charitable organization which has been helping the poor innocent disabled children in the society to bring them up as a good and normal citizen, with the basic objectives of providing service of special education, Moral support, medicare, physiotherapy, speech therapy, transportation, refreshment and other psychological problems, with the aim of free for all, since 2008, regardless of race or creed.

Our vision:
To provide an environment where physically and mentally disabled children can enjoy equal opportunity and can live with dignity leading to changes in society

Our mission statement
To value, respect and accept children with disabilities and support them to live with dignity and enjoy equal opportunities. We focus on the entire family as a unit and not just the disabled children

Aims & objectives of disability project the Angels Foundation:
Our objective is to ensure provision of the following medical and educational facilities to the school for the whole next year planning to treat as many children as possible. The financial assessment of the school has already been done and on the basis of its report initially the school is in dire need of the financial support to meet the current expenditures of the school.
Moreover, in order to make these students confident, social and independent, it is extremely important to work on the educational standards of the school and improve the teaching learning process for their sustainable future.
Furthermore, there are more or less 40 other children in the locality who are willing to have admission in the school. Therefore, we are working to generate the financial support for the school and intend to provide such resources so the new students can be accommodated as well.
Following activities initially have been planned for the school in order to transform it as a model treatment center for children with disabilities:
• To equip the school with latest health facilities e.g. heating-pad, TENS devices, infra red lamps, ultra-sound treatment machine etc. for the children with disabilities
• To provide certified treatments, councillors and physical/speech trainers in the school
• Provision of special furniture for children according to their disabilities
• Setting of physiotherapy room with a therapist
• Provision of standing frames, splints, computers, water dispensers and salaries of the staff/teachers etc.
• Equipping classes with special education apparatus and tool

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.