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Über uns

I CARE - The Internet Centre Anti Racism Europe started on October 1, 1999 as a cooperation project of United and Magenta. We wanted to create a portal for anti-racism on Internet. Although the Internet opened-up the possibilities for collaboration with organizations worldwide, we decided to focus on Europe, as both founding organizations basically work within an European context and because specific aspects of racism are still very much related to In Real Life culture, policies and practices. In September 2005 ICARE became a Magenta Foundation-only project.

Who we are:
I CARE is a virtual network to support and to be used by those who are committed to improve universal human rights standards and particularly non - discrimination principles.
ICARE is the information disseminator for the European NGO-community working in the fields of anti-discrimination, Human Rights, antisemitism, diversity and migration, with a focus on anti-racism.
ICARE is a NGO community networking system, an environment where large and small organizations can work on local, national, regional and international issues.
The purpose of ICARE is the empowerment of democratic, non-violent Human Rights and antiracism work by offering information and reporting on events taking place, by facilitating communication, advocacy, campaigns and actions and by stimulating intersectional and international co-operation of NGOs. ICARE is a Magenta Foundation project.
I CARE´s main role is to provide services adapted to the needs of NGOs and to European civil society in general.

• SUPPORT MAGENTA and ICARE by supporting The HANDS Project! - The project HANDS consists of a short dance-video of 3 minutes with a message against discrimination. Video comes out March 21 2015.
• ICARE Hate Crime News - Drawing on its long history of providing Human Rights and Anti-Racism news feeds, ICARE created the Hate Crime News. This service contains articles (English only) about hate-motivated incidents and crimes in the 56 OSCE participating States and is updated almost every day with items from "regular" news sources. To receive the newsletter mail to info(at) “subscribe hatecrime” in the subject line.
•Join the ICARE antiracism mailinglist, (English), on which more than 1400 NGOs and individuals share news and information on antiracism, projects and budgetlines. Send mail to info(at) “subscribe antiracisme” in the subject line.
• Contreracisme is the same but in French to subscribe mail to francais(at) “subscribe contreracisme” in the subject line.
• CASW is an English language list on antisemitism French to subscribe mail to info(at) “subscribe CASW” in the subject line.

Suzette Bronkhorst is the General Manager of I CARE - Internet Centre Anti Racism Europe.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.