East African Diaspora Association for Development (eADAD) e.V.

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Über uns

The East African Diaspora Association for Development (eADAD) is a registered non-profit organization with a mission of mobilizing and organizing the East African Diaspora community either to encourage them to return or to use their skills, knowledge or financial capital to promote the socio-economic development of their countries of origin.

We are the East African Diaspora communities living in Europe, irrespective of our citizenship and nationality, who are committed to contribute to the development of our country.
Our Association (eADAD) comprises - the East African Diaspora community in Europe including professionals, students, business communities, Individuals and groups - embodying expertise and investments in several key sectors including in ICT, Engineering, Energy, Agriculture, Environment, Education, Healthcare, International and Development.
Moreover, our organization (eADAD) is keen to work with Institutions, strategic partners, diaspora organizations, non- profit and governmental organizations and other individuals and groups who support our objectives.

What we do:
• We mobilize and organize the East African Diaspora either to encourage them to return or to use their skills, knowledge, or financial capital to foster the socio-economic development of their countries of origin (East Africa region).
• We organize discussion forums, conferences and workshops to exchange information on the role that Diaspora can play in fostering economic development in their countries of origin and to explore the potential for collaboration on common objectives
• We mobilize and encourage diaspora entrepreneurs to recognize opportunities in their countries of origin, to exploit such opportunities as "first movers" and to contribute to job creation and economic growth in the region.
• We work to strengthen and deepen cooperation between EU and the East African countries through partnerships that leverage the investment, trade, cooperation and core business resources of partners for greater impact.
• Together with our strategic partners- we plan and designs projects that reflect the goals of our Association (eADAD).

Future Activities:
• Network Building
• Diasppra for development- raising awarness workshop
Medical Mission Coordination (MMC)
• Tourism Initiatives (TI)
• Diaspora Investment (DI)
• Business Advisory Circle
• Knowledge and Experience Transfer Program
• Knowledge-Share via Teaching

For other net participants we can establish new contacts in the field of our work.