Stop Wasting Food

Stop Spild Af Mad

c/o Integra Advokater, Kongens Nytorv 28, 2. sal
1050 Copenhagen K

Ansprechpartner: Selina Juul

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Über uns

Stop Wasting Food (Stop Spild Af Mad) is Denmark´s largest movement of private consumers against food waste - a non-profit NGO, created by the consumers for the consumers.

The movement is founded to raise public awareness about food waste through campaigns, publicity, press, discussions, debate, events and other information channels - and to equip consumers to minimize food waste. Stop Wasting Food also inspires consumers to act locally, for example by donating edible surplus food to shelters for homeless people.

Stop Wasting Food continues to put food waste on the agenda. The organisation has established itself as Denmark´s leading expert on food waste and has appeared in numerous articles, radio and TV shows.
In the short time the movement has existed, the discourse regarding food waste in Denmark has changed from a rather uninformed indifference to one of heightened awareness.
Among the tangible results, the Stop Wasting Food movement has inspired the retail chain Rema 1000 to drop quantity discounts in the chain´s more than 200 Danish stores and thereby to contribute to less food waste.
The consumers in Denmark have taken a remarkable stand and are taking action against food waste. Stop Wasting Food is proud to have contributed to this constructive development of influencing the public opinion.

• The Leftovers Cookbook: In collaboration with some of the best chefs in Denmark, Stop Wasting Food movement and Selina Juul have published this cookbook. The book contains contributions from Danish top chefs and also includes advice on how to waste less food from 22 Danish top politicians.
• Danish Charter Against Food Waste: Stop Wasting Food is appointed a seat in the Initiative Group Against Food Waste under the Danish Minister for the Environment and is among the signatories to the Charter Against Food Waste along with 19 large corporations and organizations, all of which have committed to action of reducing food waste.
• FAO endorsement: The Stop Wasting Food movement is mentioned in the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)´s international report on food waste
• International Declarations against food waste: Stop Wasting Food is one of the co-developers of the Joint Declaration Against Food Waste - an international document which is handed over to the European Parliament and the United Nations. The document lists proposals for sustainable food production and consumption, and encourages the world leaders to a commitment to a global reduction of food waste by at least 50% by 2025. It also proposes that a global reduction of food waste should be elevated to a UN Millennium Development Goal.
• International appearances: Stop Wasting Food frequently speaks at Danish and international conferences and assemblies.

Selina Juul is the Founder of Stop Wasting Food (Stop Spild Af Mad).

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