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Über uns

The Empowerment Pulse (EP), established in 2012, is a research, training, volunteer placement and consulting non- profit organization based in the United States, and is dedicated to poverty reduction through improving the availability, effectiveness and funding of programs in the areas of substance abuse and mental health treatment; HIV and AIDS care; developmental disability management and, related areas of public health and criminal justice for low income communities of Africa.
EP provides expert technical assistance, training, research and consultation in the areas of public health policy; program development; grant making; addiction prevention and treatment, and implement technology for direct care ,addiction professionals training and clinical supervision; mental health disease management; HIV and AIDS prevention and care; we also mobilize resources to improve the quality of treatment and research in Africa; and facilitate professional exchange ,internships, dissertation research and international volunteer placements in Kenya.

• Program Development: EP provides professional consulting program to non profit mental health facilities, substance abuse programs (outpatient, inpatient, and residential), as well as medical facilities providing long-term care and outpatient services to HIV and AIDS clients.
• E-Health Systems Development: EP provides consultancy services in the development of healthcare tools tailored to non profit needs. Examples include developing electronic medical records, virtual healthcare systems, medical research using grids, health information systems (software solutions for scheduling appointments and work and managing data on patients, etc.), databases for case and outcomes management and E Mental Health systems encompassing facilities for online talk therapy, avatar assisted therapy, online counseling, computer-based interventions, cyber mental health approaches, and online life coaching.
• Design & Implementation: EP provides training for both social service professionals and clients. From classroom training to Web-based, multimedia educational resources.
• Avatar Assisted Therapy: This Therapy is an innovative method of delivering counseling services. Utilizing high-quality online gaming development tools, secure virtual space is created in which professionals, clients, and family can meet and engage in educational, counseling and supervision activities.
• Empowerment Workshops: The workshop is structured around exercises and focuses on seven main life areas namely emotions, relationships, sexuality, body, work, money and spirituality.
• Addiction Counselor Training: People with alcohol and drug use disorders need help from properly trained addiction professionals and support systems to overcome their dependencies on alcohol, drugs, smoking, and more
• Human Services Research: EP conducts research in the fields of intellectual and developmental disabilities, substance abuse, mental health, child and family development, Information Technology, and HIV and AIDS.
Volunteer Services
• International Volunteer Tracks
• Volunteer Programs
• Volunteer Placement Services
Immigrant Services: Empowerment Pulse promotes the welfare and enhances smooth integration of new African immigrant individuals and families in the states of New Jersey and New York.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff.