Semilla Nueva

7a Avenida 14-44 Zona 9 Edificio La Galeria Local #17
Guatemala City

Ansprechpartner: Eve Dolkart

+502 2331 0626; +1 208 968 0163


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Über uns

Semilla Nueva (New Seed), founded in 2009, is a non-profit sustainable agriculture development organization that fosters environmental and social stewardship in rural farming communities of Guatemala. Semilla Nueva helps rural Guatemalan farmers find a path to prosperity, health, and sustainability through sustainable agriculture technologies and farmer to farmer education.

Our vision is a developing rural Guatemala, where farmers have harnessed the power of new sustainable agriculture technologies, community organization and engagement with local government.

Semilla Nueva uses more nutritious seeds to help rural Guatemalan farmers find a path to better nutrition, lasting food security, and prosperity. They help develop these new seeds, bring them to market and work with partners to make them accessible to thousands of families every year, changing the diets of tens of thousands of people. The approach, called biofortification, is a cutting edge agricultural solution for the 3rd most malnourished country in the world. One example is high zinc, Quality Protein Maize, a non-GMO corn that offers nearly as much protein as milk and extra zinc, which helps kids fight off infections in a country where water is rarely clean. In a culture that depends on corn and where the poor seldom have the money for more nutritious foods, biofortification is a pragmatic way to make a big impact for thousands of families.

Volunteering with Semilla Nueva offers individuals the opportunity to gain on-the-ground experience in a dynamic international NGO working to combat malnutrition in Guatemala. Volunteers will have the chance to work alongside farming communities to make this vision a reality. We are often looking for volunteers in communications, monitoring and evaluation, translation, and more.

Eve Dolkart is the International Relations and Outreach Officer at Semilla Nueva.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

And leverage their excitement to involve more community members
And we train farmers to teach and organize their neighbors
Our conferences are run by farmers, not by us
Farmers children at a recent conference