SCOPE - Society for Conservation and Protection of Environment

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Über uns

Society for Conservation and Protection of Environment – SCOPE, founded in 1988, is registered as a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Pakistan.
Most of our work is of networking, capacity building and advocacy in nature which is spread over national, regional and global scale. However we believe in solid action and implement projects in the field.

Our mission is to protect environment at local, national and global level by following and implementing approaches of "Agenda 21", through advocacy, research, non-political, non-religious and non-racial non ethnic, commitment driven approach.
SCOPE´s operational strategy is to involve experts, volunteers, media, students, government agencies and other stakeholders in achieving its goals. SCOPE has been using advocacy, public awareness, research, participatory learning, networking, public interest legal actions as its tools.

• Combating Drought and Desertification in Drylands: The main idea is to develop a model of combating desertification by involving all stakeholders and application of traditional knowledge and appropriate technology.
• Water and Sanitation: SCOPE supports rural communities to build and improve physical infrastructure for conservation of water and improvement in sanitation through indigenous local knowledge. Currently SCOPE is working on developing physical infrastructure such as new wells, repair of wells, hand pumps, household water tanks, farm water tanks and rain water harvesting ponds, wind mills, water reservoirs, mini Dames, community level bio sand water filer exclusively for drinking proposes. SCOPE constructing low cost latrines with the consultation of local communities and providing basic hygiene training in project areas.
• Climate Change adaptation and mitigation: SCOPE´s climate change programme emphasis on practical adaptation and mitigation techniques, including tools and methods to address the problems and meet the challenges posed by climate change.
• Social Mobilization: SCOPE´s mandate is to strive for poverty alleviation by harnessing people´s potential to help themselves, to assume control of local development and improve their standard of living. The process of Social Mobilization encourages men and women to form a group, known as a Village Development Organization (VDO).
• Environmental Law: SCOPE has been instrumental in legal advocacy to protect environment and natural resources in Pakistan. SCOPE moved several petitions in High Court and Supreme Court for the protection of Kirthar National Park from Indus Highway Project, Haleji Wildlife Sanctuary from illegal fishing and Houbara bustard from illegal hunting by falconers. SCOPE also moved to Supreme Court of Pakistan to save the water of Indus river from poisonous water of controversial right bank outfall drainage (RBOD) project.
• Biodiversity Conservation: Through counseling and pursuing indigenous tribes of hunting people to give up this harmful practice and rather become wildlife friendly. A wide spectrum dialogue has been launched among the stakeholders and the society as a whole should help in supporting local communities to meet their socio-economic needs to sustain ecology. SCOPE establishes a long term partnership with the local communities of indigenous people to protect the biodiversity of Tharparkar, and convert them pro-environment from anti-environment community.

Tanveer Arif is the Chief Executive Officer of SCOPE.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.