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Über uns

EkoConnect – International Centre for Organic Agriculture of Central and Eastern Europe e. V. is a charity non-profit organisation under German law. It was founded as a member association by organic agriculture experts in 2003 and is located in Dresden. EkoConnect considers organic agriculture to have answers to the most important challenges, like climate change, security of nutrition, keeping rural areas alive, preserve biodiversity, protect the environment and others.
Therefore EkoConnect`s aim is to support a healthy growth of organic agriculture in all Europe, especially by working in and for Central and Eastern Europe. This is done by
• supporting organisations, governments, projects and activities with knowhow, experience and information, as well as by
• building platforms that allow organic actors from different countries to meet and interact.
This is a way for new EU member states and other eastern European countries to get in close contact with each other and to get in touch with "western" organic actors, markets and know how. Problems and weaknesses on organic quality and safety can therefore be reduced. EkoConnect has own advisors for setting up organic associations and businesses and provides in addition a vast network of organic experts from different countries. The association cooperates with the main organic organisations in Central, Eastern and Western Europe. Examples for major recent activities are
• trainings for experts, company leaders and advisers from the Baltic countries and from Russia, Moldova, Romania, Belarus and Ukraine,
• training of organic experts of governments of CEE countries,
• organizing the annual Organic-Marketing-Forum in Warsaw,
• 30 crossborder seminars in Interreg-IIIA-projects in Germany, Poland and Czech Republic,
• organising the annual International Summer Academy on Organic Animal Husbandry for students etc. and
• organic farming conferences in Bukarest and Sibiu and Kiev,
• research and organic agriculture country reports about 14 Eastern European countries (including Moldova, Russia, Ukraine and Romania).
• EkoConnect publishes the most important International Newsletter on Organic Agriculture in 10 different languages, which is send to about 11.000 subscribers in 70 countries.

Specific skills:
• Dissemination of information and research results in the field of organic agriculture.
• In depth knowledge on organic agriculture and markets in Central and Eastern Europe.
• Coaching and capacity building for the set up of organisations and companies
• Training on organic agriculture for advisors and farmers.
• Implementation of EU regulations.
• Intercultural competences.

Bernhard Jansen is the Chairman of EkoConnect.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.