Men at the Side of the Road (MSR)

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Über uns

The Men on the Side of the Road (MSR) project was founded in 2001 to address the plight of unemployed men who congregate daily on the side of the road. We do this primarily through placement in work and also through skills development and training. The goal is long term employment but in reality short term contracts and day work are more likely. MSR started out as a human rights intervention dealing with harassment of unemployed job seekers. After successfully obtaining a court order preventing further harassment, the Board decided to focus on improving work opportunities available to people in the casual / temporary work sector.

From it’s launch in 2003, Men on the Side of the Road (MSR) strived to bridge the gap between South Africa’s growing economy and unemployed people with skills. In late 2011, we shifted our focus from the problem - unemployment - to a focus on the solution - introducing skilled labour, that is reliable and trustworthy - and so FUNDI was born. We remain a not-for-profit organisation that empowers South Africans to change lives through job creation.

FUNDI creates a trusted, reliable environment for employers to hire workers that are themselves reliable and trustworthy and whose skills have been verified. Finding work for our members is the primary focus. The team works to ensure placement for members to domestic employers and industry as well as through our job creation programs.

MSR’s marketing campaigns inform the general public about our services and aim to build trust. Marketing activities include PR, outdoor advertising and one on one engagement with people in shopping centres, hardware stores, garden centres, churches and similar community organisations.

• Soft skills training: Regional offices have implemented the FUNDI Employability Program, a simulation style training platform. The simulation style game enables all participants to interact with specific customer issues where teams and individuals get the chance to debate and discuss the impacts of their actions and activities on clients inside the work environment. The aim of the program is to enhance the abilities of participants to effectively engage with their customers.
• Technical skills training: FUNDI works with accredited training service providers to train members in the areas identified by the South African Governments National Scarce Skills list taking into consideration the educational level of our members. To enable members to focus on the training FUNDI pays members a daily stipend, transport and meal costs for the duration of the training course.

Job Creation Projects:
• Greening South Africa: The project adopts road sides across South Africa and together with the local authority we maintain and beautify them for a period of three years.
• Cape Town Tjommies: Part of the Cape Town Tourism Visitor Services Strategy. The Tjommies were highly visible in branded uniforms they were instantly recognizable as “tourist friendly”, approachable and knowledgeable. The program is an entry level opportunity for unemployed men and women to gain entry into a growth industry adding to the objectives of MSR, Cape Town Tourism and the City of Cape Town.
• Cyclelabs (PTY) Ltd: This project provides non motorised transport for tourists and locals in Cape Town.

Peter Kratz is the Director of FUNDI formerly MSR.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.